Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Chilly Day in April

Today the high was 44 and I was chilled to the bone (again).  I really wanted to warm up so made this recipe called Tracy's soup. We had this soup at Tracy and her husband's cabin about a year ago.  It was a huge hit and luckily she shared (hence the name)!  It is quick, easy and really delicious - John gave it 4.5 stars!  (Recipe here)

Start by dicing the veggies and chicken

Saute these in a large pot

Next is to add the rest of the ingredients and let simmer for 20 minutes

Squeeze in the lime juice

And then discard (this reminded me of a venus fly trap!)

Chop some cilantro to your liking

Toppings could include crushed tortilla chips and cheddar cheese

Dinner is served!

Let's hope tomorrow we get that 65 degree weather they are talking about!!


  1. I make a soup very similar to this...its a favorite here too!

  2. Yes, you made it for us last fall - it was delicious!


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