Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pardon me. Would you have any...

Grey Poupon... remember that commercial?


Tonight's dinner featured this product and really provided a nice kick to the chicken.  This recipe was in last week's paper though I made some adjustments to it.  

Honey-Mustard Chicken with Red Roasted Potatoes (recipe here)

The coating for the chicken is Grey Poupon, honey, shallots and a little thyme

Coat the chicken

Clean and cut the potatoes and then put in baking dish

Nearing the finished product... I removed chicken and baked the potatoes an additional 10 minutes.

Tonight's dinner was a definite 4 stars.  The chicken flavor was really good and the roasted potatoes were nice and tender.


  1. do you always have all this food on hand? How often to you grocery shop?

  2. On a good week - I plan on Sundays...then get all my groceries for at least 4 days. Kind of wing it on the weekends! Have you noticed that chicken no longer comes on those foam trays? I like the new packages better - easier to freeze without freezer burn!


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